Monday, 22 June 2009

Yorkshire Sculptors

Yorkshire Sculptors Group - participating artists - Alan Gummerson, Andrew Pert, Victoria Lucas, Rebecca Strain, Linda Thompson, Terry Hammill, Suzanne North, Barry Midgley, Lucy Hainsworth, John Adamson, Paula Chambers, Hilary Burt.
Yorkshire Sculptors Group was founded in 1985 and seeks to promote the practice of sculpture within the Yorkshire region and beyond. There are currently twenty-five members of the group working in a diverse range of materials and processes. Recent shows curated by the group have included More Things at Durham Cathdral and Within the Sublime at York Minster. The group’s most recent show, entitled Born and Bread, was held at the Chelsea Gallery, Kings Road, London, between 15 and 27 June 2009.
Born and Bread our theme - suggested by the exhibition's title - explores the use of visual and verbal puns, bread as a sculptural material, our northern regional identity, and the comic potential of perhaps selling artworks that will eventually decay or could even be eaten. The show addresses ideas of value, exchange and the ephemeral. Temporal art is a genre that has been explored by many artists, using organic matter such as fruit, vegetables and flowers to examine the notion of decay and the transient nature of existence. As the art market has boomed, the tangible art object has becme a commodity within the framework of our consumerist-led society. What value do these throwaway bread sculptures have in a world full of price tags and warranties? Do they have any value at all, and if the works are worthless, can they be deemed as art?The car boot sale is a place where participants are able to sell their unwanted belongings to those who want or need them. Born and Bread explores the meaning of this context in terms of the art object and its genuine value. What is the significance of the act of exchange in this context, if not for economic gain?

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