Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Adam Higman and Tim Sargent

We are a duo of artists called Adam and Tim. This is our first collabrative project together, we were drawn together as a result of our shared passion for problem solving and interest in creating and conceiving similar projects. We have both recently been living in Falmouth Cornwall although now we intend to move further afield.

We are interested in making art projects that are concerned with and question aspects of contempory life. In the past we have worked individually on projects engaged in species loss and environmental threats. Alongside this we have established a social drop-in workshop for the fabrication of work.

Our intentions are to convert a Suzuki Carry 1.3 into a work of art. With the doors open we will seal airtight the Cargo bay of the Van using clear PVC sheeting. In the two panels that are opposing each other we will fit PVC gloves. The participants will be able to use the gloves to reach into the space within the van. Inside the van, they will only find each other’s hands.

The work questions the value of human exchange. Human contact at a car boot-sale is often an over-looked aspect that comes with a person to person sale. With modern exchanges increasingly taking place remotely with little or no physical contact, is human contact truly missed? The skin of the gloves disrupts the exchange. No exchange of objects takes place while interacting with the piece, there is only an exchange of touch, when the two hands meet in the middle. We want to to encourage thought on what touch means within a commercial context. By making human contact more apparent, is it possible to try and subvert the selfish intentions associated with capitalist exchanges?

Adam higman: www.adamhigman.wordpress.com
Tim sargent: www.timsargent.wordpress.com

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