Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Joe Duffy

Joe Duffy is an artist and educator working and living in Manchester. His practice involves moving image, photography and installation. 

Current research is focused on multi-spatial installation and the representation and archiving of found objects as artefacts of cultural archaeology. Other projects involve automated investigations into childrens toys, discarded electronic ephemera, simulacra and migration. Interests and influences involve Tower Blocks, TV Towers, Urban Peripheries, Apocalyptic landscapes, Elizabethan Alchemists & Archduke Ferdinand, architectural space and narrativity.

Duffy also collaborates with the sound artist Eimer Birkbeck as Birkbeck & Duffy. Recent projects involve investigations of narrativity through place, space, sound and image. Latest large scale project is concerned with Offshore Windfarms


His solo and collaborative work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in the context of film and media art festivals as well as gallery spaces.
About the work

Photographic, Moving Image, Object Works

Series of prints from found objects dug up in my garden. The objects reveal the relationship of imagination constructed through the activity of play and it’s relationship to real or simulated worlds. There is an inherent violence insinuated through the object as revealed through intent and physical damage whilst he relationship to politics and economic realities is also evident. Object based works explore narrative aspects and politics through discarded childrens toys while current climate and apocalyptic fears are expressed through destructive model environments.

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