Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Anton Harding

Biography Anton Harding, b. London 1966, studied printing, printmaking, photography, history of art and architecture, media at London College of Printing (1984-88), film, video and photographic arts at University of Westminster (1989-92) and 16+ Education at University of Huddersfield (1997-98). Now living and practicing in Huddersfield, Anton is a member of Yorkshire Sculptors Group and Riverside Artists Group. He has been exhibiting in individual and group exhibitions since 1991.Anton’s practice has ranged from the documentary and political statement of Abolishing the Currency and Deathwish, the surreal quality of his Dreamscapes Xerograms and assemblages, to the pure play of light and exploration of perception seen in the recent Temporary Art Space Changeover installation Safelight and in many of his photographs.

Antifreeze 2009 project Title: AVDescription: A four-part display featuring:

1.Old Rearguard Action zines available for resale. I contribute copy and graphics as its irregular isues appear and help distribute these small runs.

2.Two folios of labelled, signed, board-backed and wrapped print (digital C-type and Xerogram) edited from those made over the last eight years. These are one-off's and editions limited by size of enlargement from the film strips, i.e., regular postcard size digiprints are limited to 67 while any print size greater are limited to 20 or less. Purchasers requiring exclusivity should then pay the full cost of an edition, obtaining no discount for the privilege of owning an artist's proof at any size of enlargement from the film strip. The digital C-type prints displayed are Budget quality and so crop the full view compositions to a significant degree. Any archival and museum standard print request is subject to part payment in advance to meet the extra production expense fully.

3.If It's Good Enough for Media Moghuls (MM) Then is it Good Enough for All?. A pay to view service where subscribers lift the lid on a box of 32 small, wrapped prints and/or get me to. Prospective participants receive instructions and decide to consent or not to a recording of their viewing. Running orders and times are for viewers' to set. Prints may be purchased even though these function as frames in an inverted film projection. The box shall have a full set of prints with spare prints replacing any sales as soon as any immediate technicalities of sale are over. Image attached of an embelished Projector Inversion Coin-op, is from a diptych Dreamscape.

4.Portable stereo sound of CDs, tapes and/or radio will be an extra if no-one objects. It is my intention that complete and current lists of works are made available for all four parts of the display on the day.

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