Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Samantha Bell

I use the cityscape as the visual metaphor to explore states of transformation and illumination. To produce my ‘City Zones’ collection, I use analogue photographic equipment to make colour photographs. To create my ‘City Enclaves’ collection, I use the 3D software application Maya and its virtual environment, where I model, shade and texture a city. Once all these stages are complete, I go ahead and record my virtual city with the in-house camera apparatus, which generates electronic files that I convert into hard copy computer generated prints.

The artworks I produce belong in to the city/urban landscape genre. I make portraitures that focus on the night city, and a certain type of urban edifice and space, generally found on the fringes of the city. What Auge describes as a ‘non place’ and what I refer to as the ’dead end zone’ en route to the desirable destination.

I find the potent duplicitous nature of the city is a source of constant fascination. Its brooding, compelling, inviting, disturbing, repugnant, and seductive faces make the city a subject matter worthy of pictorial immortalization.

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