Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Eagle and Feather

Stephen Earl Rogers is an artist working mainly as a painter. He is held in permanent collections in the UK and United States and has exhibited many times at the National Portrait Gallery. Julian Lloyd Butler is a film-maker, television producer and writer. His work has appeared on The BBC, Channel 4 and ITV and at the Edinburgh, London and Cannes film festivals.

Collaboratively, Eagle & Feather have been putting their own interpretation on the term KIPPLE for a number of years. Through regular visits to charity shops, car boot sales, public libraries and jumble sales they have amassed a collection of absurdly peripheral and esoteric videotapes, selected for their distinct peculiarity. By various means – editing, manipulating, combining and reducing – they make videos imbued with new qualities - humour, drama, pathos and poetry.

‘Unnerving Fun’ Headpress Magazine
‘I’ve Been Meaning to Ask… What is Kipple?’ Metro Nov 20th 07
‘It just gets funnier each time I watch it.’ Robert Popper, Writer Channel 4’s ‘the IT Crowd’

In September 2008 a DVD was commissioned by and screened at Conjunction 08 which was compiled by video artists Eagle & Feather and made entirely from KIPPLE, in the form of VHS videos, found entirely in Stoke-on-Trent charity shops including:

Fish for a Quid, Introducing the new Velux Roof Window System, Electronic Monitoring for Offenders, How to Hang Wallpaper, How You Can Win Competitions, Egyptian Belly Dancing for Intermediates, The Story of the Red Mason Bee, Ray Reardon Master Class, Traction Engines, Master Bakers: A Golden Opportunity, Tony Allcock's Art of Bowls, Get That Job, Game for a Job, Is Work for Me?, Learning Tenor Banjo, Horse Sense for Riders, Super Tours in Super Somerset, Learn to Knot Vol 1, Sports Boat, The Fun of Cake Decorating, Fimo Modelling Project, Breastfeeding: A Gift for Life, What you Really Need to know about Problems with Fertility, Incontinence: Out and About and Dry.

In November 2008 1000 copies of this DVD were given to Stoke-on-Trent charity shops to be distributed free to customers.

At the Antifreeze Art Car Boot Sale 2009 Eagle and Feather plan to display some of the original VHS videos and flog the remaining copies of this DVD.

Julian Lloyd Butler (AKA Eagle)
0 (044) 781 4501 654

Stephen Earl Rogers (AKA Feather)
0 (044) 774 3195 692

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