Monday, 22 June 2009

Richard Shields

Having grown up with an interest in drawing and painting, traditional skills have always been prevalent throughout my practice. The pursuit of realism and the concept of defining a subject through visual language have often been combined to create self-reflexive works where an image/object and its medium are intrinsically linked. Taking inspiration from my immediate environment or situation and the objects within it, I attempt to juxtapose the idea of worth and the top end of a hierarchy with the unwanted, discarded and forgettable side of life.

Trollee Trollaa De DaWhat everyone wants and what everyone gets our seldom the same in a world full of division and diversity. Some us have money and taste and some us have nothing but we know what we like. Art might be for everyone but not everyone is for all art. Everyone’s a critic and everyone’s got an opinion. This work created for ANTIFREEZE brings together what everyone wants, what everyone gets and what everyone voted for as their favourite in Manchester City Art gallery.

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