Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Frunt – we are the group/collective. Artists T.B.C

Frunt are a group lead by Liz Shaw* who curate exhibitions for Neuxs Art Cafe. Currently producing 6-8 exhibitions per year and beginning to link with other organisations to create a diverse presentation of contemporary art work.

Nexus Art Cafe is a project run by the Methodist Church & Church of England and has been running for five years. Nexus has had an arts presence for the majority of that time. Frunt began working with Neuxs in 2008 and work on two exhibitions/projects annually in collaboration with Sanctus 1 - a group of Christians who meet at and are part of Nexus.
Frunt as a group aim to develop projects, exhibitions & events that work outside of the formal gallery. We hope to present a high level of contemporary art to engage new audiences in an easily available context.

*/Gaunt, graduate of Goldsmiths BA Fine Art based at rogue studios http://www.lizgaunt.co.uk/

The project

She Laughs at the boot sale
She laughs at the boot sale will be a for-runner to an exhibition happening at Nexus Art Café this autumn and will be based around the idea of laughter and entertainment. Our stand at Antifreeze will include illustration and fanzines.

By using easily available materials we hope to create a home-made, pseudo commercial aesthetic, with this we hope to join this gentle critique of ‘the art fair’. Making our stand very approachable for rummaging and flicking, perhaps highlighting the consumption of the visual arts as entertainment or something to own.

We will be using the name ‘she laughs’ as a lo-fi branding- stencilling it onto our homemade fittings and uniforms. Re-enforcing our allusion towards the independent ‘good’ record shops of Manchester this as a parallel to the consumption of the boot sale; ad hoc and evolutionary.
With the use of illustration and fanzines the artists will be accepted to be part of the work until the day before. By doing this we hope to make an inclusive, intriguing, fun stall that visitors to Antifreeze will maybe spend a pound or two to take a drawing or photocopied book or just enjoy having a look. It is the unprocessed and light-hearted that we want to offer in our space at Antifreeze.

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