Monday, 22 June 2009

Chiz Turnross

i confirm this is me Chiz Turnross

This year things which continue to engage my thoughts are; dragons, rainbows, love, reggae, ghosts, dinosaurs, firework labels, Dory Previn, Shakespear,all things Duke Ellington, 1940s,50s,60s and 70s Bollywood movies, Moomins, mud, tinsel, Krazy Cat, Felix the Cat. all things Bontempi, volcanos, whales, Nina Simone, Dr Doom, heartache, Doo Wop, Sun Ra, Can, Annete Hanshaw, cardboard, Donk, mucky pastel shades, Hedy Lamarr, Jeff Keen films, Ray Johnston drawings, Ubu Roi, outer space, empty buildings, inbetween places, cod geometry, 1930s Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers films, Funkadelic, Gainsborough,Watteau, 1970s cars, 1970s motorbikes, wild flowers, sailing ships, Billie Holiday,newts, old soldier uniforms, pierrot and other clowns, capes, relief carvings of Nineveh. horse brasses, trees.

i envisage building a contruction from the back of my bike with cardboard and papier mache.something totemistic.i will spend the duration of show making art to add to the construction, plus objects to give away or swap. passers by be encouraged to suggest imagary or colours. i don't want to plan too much, i like working in the moment.

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