Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Megan Broadmeadow

Megan Broadmeadow is an interdisciplinary artist from North Wales. She works in sculpture, installation and performance, and always gives permission for the audience to smile!
Megan explores serious issues in a surreal way, and finds a variety of ways to represent the contrasts and transformations within society. She has a particular interest in revitalising unfashionable or almost obsolete subjects and making them the centre of a piece of work. She enjoys playing madcap games such the ‘Water wheel of Fortune’ to link past and present, and uses interaction to engage and entertain her audience. Often inspired by local history, she particularly looks for unusual personal stories and characters to incorporate into one of a kind, site-specific performances.
Shoes are also an ongoing inspiration and she’s recently exhibited her fantasy floating shoe shaped like a sail- boat (Ship Shape) in Swansea.

With all the trudging round from car boot to car boot, you feet may feel the strain. Why not treat your feet and find the perfect boots for them? Inspired by the classic board game ‘Guess who’, on the ‘Boot Up’ stall, you will be asked simple boot related questions and through a process of elimination your host will find you the perfect boot!
Will you be a ‘boots and saddle’ cowboy boot, or a bootylicious knee high? Play the game to find you inner booty! As an added bonus your boot will be revealed to with your very own presentation and offering the chance to try them and the lifestyle they represent for size, and ensuring a memorable time to boot!

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