Monday, 22 June 2009


Switchopen is the Illustration and design company run by Nick Rhodes. Nick has been involved within the rock poster scene since 2000. He has designed and illustrated posters for many bands within the UK and United States. Creating hand screen printed limited edition posters for bands including Queens of the Stone age, The Decemberists, Elbow and Ian Brown to name but a few.

He began by illustrating rock posters for his friends band, progressing in to Screen-printing when he purchased and set up his own screen print shop with in Manchester UK. Nick illustrates and hand prints all of his poster work, delivering unique hand drawn and detailed imagery within each of his Rock posters. He has shown his artwork nationally and internationally.

Switchopen is a fully functioning art studio, housing a range of print machines (screen/lino/digital), all primed ready for action to handle a full spectrum of design projects. If you are interested in commissioning Switchopen to design and produce artwork, please do contact Nick at

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