Tuesday, 23 June 2009



The L-13 Light Industrial Workshop and Private Ladies and Gentlemen’s Club for Art, Leisure and the Disruptive Betterment of Culture is a new art space that opened in Clerkenwell, London in May 2009.

Its remit is to promote the socio-political and personal expressive work of the L-13 artists whilst blurring the distinction between the creation, production and display of art.

A programme of actions and exhibitions has been devised to expound this process whilst encouraging the involvement of others, creating a dialogue within a broad and inclusive cultural context.

The L-13 artists are Harry Adams, James Cauty, Billy Childish, Jamie Reid, Geraldine Swayne and A.S. Waghorne.


NATIONAL ART HATE WEEK has been instigated for the disruptive betterment of culture.

For one week in July the children of Albion will wake up and HATE ART on mass.

NATIONAL ART HATE WEEK is a call for direct action against the mass acceptance of art as a false economy for the smug manipulative elite and their ensuing grip of control over culture as a tool for mediated emotion, market lead non-critical homogeny, and boring popularism.

NATIONAL ART HATE WEEK presents a unified front of non-unified creative individuals against all that is despicable and loved by the people. We oppose the deliberate socio-economic strategy to make us all complicit in our own idiocy. We oppose the affront of state endorsed auto-cryptic balderdash and oppose the ruffians who have been pulled from the ghetto and polished up for elevated status and easy consumption by the masses.
The Central Committee of Free Artists for NATIONAL ART HATE WEEK will use their stand at Antifreeze to disseminate propaganda and raise funds for the cause through the sale of specially produced information posters and pamphlets.

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