Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Sue Fox


by Sue Fox Fox

Sue Fox is an internationally recognised photographer with 'The Dead', 'Vile Bodies', 'The Liminal Body', 'The Cunt Show', 'Death Exposed - ARTE', 'Transgressions - The Offences of Art', 'Six Feet Under', 'Post Mortem', 'Art & Obscenity', 'The New Visibilty of Death', 'Flying over Water', under her belt to name but a few shows, books and films. Fox works with aspects of the transgressive, the taboo and the profane to bring out what is unknown and largely unsaid and unseen. Fox is currently working with a publisher on a novel about art, sex and dark minds which is almost finished and ready to be edited and published for 2010. Fox recently made a film for German and French TV for ARTE and an audience of fifty million people worldwide with the artists Christian Boltanksi, Gregor Schneider and Walter Schels in May 2009 at her studio in Piccadilly, Manchester.

THE PROJECT:- A range of domestic and family orientated gifts relating to the word 'Cunt'. These are all cheaply bought and turned into unique artistic products in the celebration and the de-mystification of the challenging word 'CUNT'. These objects will include t-towels, hip flasks, underwear, pillow cases, t-shirts, badges, vouchers and so forth. Sue will be selling these as her alter-ego character 'the cunt bride' who works in the cult clown renegade band 'The Dirty Honkies' with Alexis Milne & Co.. and has performed and toured in Ireland and the U.K. The word cunt was first derived from the Indus Valley from the goddess Kali. It wasn't considered a bad word until in the last few centuries; it just meant a woman's genitals. Some linguists see it as a way to control women..........offending her as a body part and therefore negating her. It is after all only a word, but it is about context. It has Germanic roots in kunte and kunton. In Latin, the root iscunnus. There is figa, kut, kus, keus, yoni, gun, gynae, ka-t, kun, qefen-t, counte, kunat, quim, queynthe (from Chaucer’s original and 'Miller's Tale'......"Pryvely he caught her in the quenyte'...so it alludes to the word 'quaint'......also chuint, cunnende, cunning, queen, coney, cunny, coynte, lap and country (in Shakespeare's writing). Fox will toy with the notions of the word 'cunt' and place it into an artistic and historically new context and meaning.

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    This very informative exibition is most welcome, and bringing all to understand many times by "one" word we Shall Answer for everything! Every intention spoken! There are a few more word derivations but I shall leave these more for you. . .

    Kuoni meaning: "daring" 'brave'
    Kunni: which means 'tribe, clan'

    KUN (坤): Chinese unisex name meaning "earth."

    *KUONRAT: KUNO Koons Old High German Kuon "bold" rad: "counsel," hence:
    "bold counsel."

    A name of an ancestor of ours The gr. auntie of ours named:
    A name passed down in generations to our Burgher family lines *EJK

    meaning: "Brave in war"