Monday, 22 June 2009


YES IT IS! Collective
Anna Beam, Lora Avedian, Laura Gee, Georgina Sullivan

We are a group of young artists based in Manchester who recently formed a collective born out of a desire to create opportunities for ourselves. Through our collaborative events we aim to break down the barriers between our respective disciplines – illustration, animation, embroidery, interactive arts – and engage directly with our audience.

Our current project reacts against the impersonal nature of corporate art fairs such as Frieze. Containing rows of gallery spaces comparable to an Ikea warehouse, these large scale events can leave the viewer feeling alienated and apathetic.

The foundation of our work embraces a hand made tactile aesthetic and the immediacy of working with intimate materials such as pen, paper, stitch and cloth. Each artist works from their own vernacular creating a unique blend of themes and ideas which explore the relationship between artist and collector. Our aim for this project is to condense our idiosyncrasies within the construction of dioramas that exhibit the traits inherent in our individual practices in the form of ‘pre-fab’ installations.

The juxtaposition of these constructed ‘straight off the shelf’ identities reflect the artist’s ‘brand’ and the artists themselves. An immediate connection is achieved which is absent from corporate trade fairs, initiating dialogues between the work, artist and viewer.

Lora Avedian –
Anna Beam –
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