Tuesday, 23 June 2009

BearSpace – Isabel Rock

This project ‘The County Gentlemen’ will see Rock, dressed in county riding finery, exhibiting prints of the country with ‘a twist.’ The car will be a blue Volvo Estate decorated in hunting paraphernalia, visitors will be invited to sit on ‘stirrup seats’ drink a hot toddy from a stirrup cup and join in a hunting game whereby visitors can guess the winning horse, for a special prize against the artist. The races will be played via the Volvo stereo.

This project is responding to the current economic climate, looking at ‘new money’ versus ‘old money’ by referencing hunting and the races, but poking fun at both. The purpose of this project will be a participatory moneyed experience; the products will be a series of prints by the artist entitled the ‘County Gentlemen’ and a coloring book by the artist looking at ‘County Life.’

This project is put forward by BEARSPACE in conjunction with Isabel Rock.


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