Monday, 22 June 2009

Julia Peat

Participating artists: Julia Peat with assistance from CArgos casual team member Jayne Seddon

I am an artist whose work crosses disciplines, embracing sculpture, installation, lens-based and performance work. The work is often site-specific and a response to the history and social aspects of a place. Humour plays a part in my practice and this is often reflected in text, perhaps informed by a background in journalism. Since graduating from the University of Salford five years ago, I have been involved in commissioned and artist-led projects/events in places as diverse as a prison, reclaimed factory site, slate quarry and WWII lookout post, have exhibited and performed around the UK and will be showing in ‘Thoroughly Modern Dora’, part of the Dora Gordine retrospective season in London next month.

‘CArgos’ presents a catalogue shop extravaganza of the weird, wonderful, wacky, the tat and tacky – all genuine car booty! The work will take a playful poke at car boot culture, dodgy dealers, the crap-you-never-realised-you-needed-until-today catalogues that fall out of the weekend papers and the mass-produced goods sold in High Street stores.

Dazzled by the glowing and extremely witty catalogue item listings, shoppers will complete slips to request the coveted hunk of junk. But in a nod to online auctions, there can only be one winner! CArgos staff, including artist Jayne Seddon, will be on hand to help enhance/inhibit the catalogue shopping experience!


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