Monday, 22 June 2009

Sketch City

Sketch city is a monthly event held in manchester that provides walls, tables, boxes, tables, objects, anything for you to doodle over and paint on. "Creating the means to create" from the words of Jonny Dub, the creator and founder of Sketch City.
This is where we met and as cheesey as it sounds became super top friends. It is a love of drawing, doodling, painting and being creative whilst laughing that has kept us together and strong!
As we dont get to see each other that much due to Sketch City taking a little break we will be creating a Sketch City Club House! Somewhere to chill, look at top art, cuddle plushies, eat cakes and get envolved with a wall. There will be a lucky dip and if you bring something to us, we will customise/decorate it with our nimble fingers! Everything will be for sale, possibly even the artists for all your customising needs.

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