Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Hilary Jack

Hilary Jack works across media in research based projects often using discarded material found on city streets, in charity shops and EBay.

For Anti Frieze Hilary will exhibit "Arthur The Lurcher" in the boot of her car. Hilary and Arthur will also be selling a selection of thier limited edition collaborative art works.

Arthur was found as a puppy wandering the wandering the streets of Harperhey in Manchester with his greyhound mother and six siblings and was taken to Manchester Dogs Home. In exhibiting Arthur as part of Anti Frieze Hilary will highlight the plight of rescue dogs, in particular, Lurchers and Greyhounds which are abandoned on city streets in their thousands by the greyhound racing industry. Many are killed illegally and inhumanely while others end up in Dogs Homes across the country.
All proceeds from the exhibition of Arthur The Lurcher will go to the charitable foundation The Greyhound Trust.


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