Tuesday, 23 June 2009


We are an independent zine called Cheap. We showcase emerging and established makers including painters, illustrators and designers. We use the zine as a platform to meet other creative people and showcase what they are making and to destroy the already eroding line separating art, design and other creative image making practices. We make the zine cheaply by either using a photocopier or desktop printer to reflect the DIY ethic taken by the majority of artists that we have found (generally on the Internet). We also make and sell cheap, accessible art products such as posters, badges and stickers.

Our car boot is transformed into a pound shop stocked with zines, photocopy posters, badges and some new products such as stickers and canvas tote bags. Display copies of past issues are on show to "try before you buy", along with a brand new issue! Posters, bags and other things that hang can be seen peeking through the windows of the car along with the Cheap banner. With Cheap we already try to subvert the distribution of arts away from traditional outlets such as galleries, agents and auction houses to zines and the internet. This is in line with contemporary practices in art and design and want of more accessibility drawn to the visual arts. A stall at a car boot is the ultimate way to distribute art cheaply to the masses.

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