Monday, 22 June 2009

Caron Ottewell and Victoria Foster

Caron Ottewell explores memory and identity with an interest in the surface. Using found images she breaks these down into layers to create a sense of space in which to explore fragments of memories. Graduating with a fine art degree in 2007 Caron is a studio holder and trustee of Crate Studios and Project Space in Margate.

Exploring notions of ‘place’, our many and varied relationships with space, and the objects we encounter, Victoria Foster investigates how art can influence and encourage the viewer to engage with their surroundings. She is an interdisciplinary fine artist currently based in Folkestone, Kent working within the arts collective, 'Club Shepway'.

Statement Outlining the Project

Caron Ottewell

In this current climate of economic distress thoughts often turn to the past which becomes imbued with a sense of nostalgia and longing. What, however, is it like to not be able to remember the past, to have no childhood memories?

Caron presents two bodies of work. Her first, Wish you were here? 2009, starts with 3D postcard assemblages of fictional events or places. These have been made into something more permanent, almost a “souvenir” to act as a reminder of a certain place or time.

Her second body of work, The Ladybird Series, 2009 uses simplified vintage Ladybird images to represent something darker but hidden from the viewer.

Vicky Foster

Still Life? Series of drawings, 2009
In a society so focused on regeneration, what traces of domestic histories will remain whilst others disintegrate under the weight of the new?
The objects drawn in white ink onto lengths of lining wallpaper are on first glance, barely visible but on closer inspection the everyday items are revealed.

Fancy That! Series of collages, 2009
Embracing the myth of quintessential Englishness, nostalgic activities such as letter writing, cake baking, tea drinking, bird watching, walks in the countryside and dips in the sea are all jumbled up and brought together in one-off collages.

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