Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Black Dogs

Black Dogs are a self-organised collective of artists, musicians, academics, writers, general do-ers and (radical) slackers that formed in 2003 with the agenda of making art happen in Leeds at the grassroots level, taking their cue DIY ethos so prevalent in the cities underground music scene. They have organised numerous exhibitions, events, and interventions as well as producing occasional publications that disseminate this activity in a different form.

Black Dogs propose to use the ANTIFREEZE event as a piece of action research in designing an ‘audio almanac’ by setting up an audio distribution centre from the boot of a car which passers-by can either stand by and listen to (via the car stereo), download for free (via battery powered laptops) or pay a nominal amount to take away a physical version. The audio material distributed will range from sonic works, lectures, text readings, documentation of previous works, song playlists, unusual sounds and more oral treats. It is hoped that this form of file sharing will demonstrate alternative possibilities for artistic distribution in keeping with p2p networks and the gift economies that provide the political-philosophical backdrop to the group’s activities.

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