Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Alison Kershaw

My works include videos, objects, site related installations, curatorial projects and the development of new organisations or structures. I work with both professional and non-professional artists: for example contributing to the development a contemporary arts programme in a derelict swimming baths; running a studio for people with mental health problems; the installation of a permanent text work that surrounds a modern church building.

My stall, Abstract Nail Art will feature a real nail artist who will paint a classic work of Abstract Expressionism on your fingernail for a small charge. Playing with the idea of the art as commodity, Abstract Nail Art combines the crafts of the painter with those of the beautician, bringing us the ultimate intimate experience of personalised individualism through the popular idea of a “nail bar”

alison.sl-arts@good.co.uk 07767356302

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