Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Felicity Langthorne, Alison Stockwell, Claire Rowlands, Hannah Marsden, Laura Kirby, Steven Walker

The Alternative Village Fete comprises of 6 artists: Alison Stockwell, Felicity Langthorne, Hannah Marsden, Claire Rowlands, Steven Walker and Laura Kirby. This collaboration will investigate and subvert the traditional British phenomenon of Village Fetes. By exploring British eccentricities of Best in Show, Craft Fairs, Aunt Sally, tacky souvenirs, prize winning leaks and musical talent the Fete aims to get the public involved throughout the ANTIFREEZE Car Boot Sale.

Statement about each project for Alternative Village Fete

Alison Stockwell invites members of the public to take part in her project 'from Ada with love'. Using a hand pixilated image of Ada Lovelace (believed to be the first female programmer) as a template for cross stitch/needlepoint, she looks at the idea of mass production and human fallibility.

Felicity Langthorne presents ‘Best in Show’, a calico dress covered in hand crafted, brightly coloured rosettes. Throughout the day the rosettes will be handed out to a suitable winner, investigating how society judges and values art and those around them.

Claire Rowlands explores the innocent nature of game playing at traditional village fetes. The Coconut shy aka Aunt Sally, pin the tail (or moustache on the famous artwork) and a prize-winning tombola will feature at the fete to engage in discussion and to draw upon the competitive nature within us all.

Hannah Marsden will be making souvenirs of the ANTIFREEZE experience for the other artists that participate. The work examines the nostalgic impulse to collect and preserve an experience; to capture it in a sign or sample of that experience.

Steven Walker will give the punters of the ANTIFREEZE Car Boot Fair the chance to own one of his prize winning Leaks. Winning him accolades from Staffordshire’s WMC allotment team as ‘best in show’! Expect to see amazing limited edition leaks from: refrigerators, allotment plants, engines, old boilers, pens and more!

Laura Kid Kirby will be providing musical entertainment throughout the day with her guitar and beautiful voice!

Contact info to be included:

Alison Stockwell:

Felicity Langthorne:
felicity.langthorne@hotmail.co.uk, wwww.moonmonsters.co.uk

Claire Rowlands:

Hannah Marsden:

Steven Walker:
steven@50ftlonghorse, www.50ftlonghorse.com, www.leakshow.wordpress.com

Laura Kirby:

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