Monday, 22 June 2009


Pool Arts:
Annette Ebanks, Trae England, Tess Lomas, Colin Nixon, Eddie Price, Siobhan Samuels, Nicola Smith, David Speers.

Pool Arts

Pool Arts aims, through its very existence to educate the public about the positive effects of artistic practice on well being, and provide studio space, support, training, professional and personal development opportunities for members.
The artists involved come from diverse backgrounds and their chosen art forms are equally varied. Pool Arts include writers, photographers, textile and fashion artists, craftspeople and a rock DJ as well as contemporary visual artists. They are working to create a supportive framework, facilities and opportunities to produce, promote their work.

This year Pool Arts will be opening its first permanent flexible studio facility in Ancoats, thanks to the generous support of Arts Council England and The Lankelly Chase Foundation

we will beat you with our prices

An exhibition of art works on the theme of the ubiquitous “Pound Shop”: We all know and love a pound shop on our local high street and who can resist their charms?! Browse these delightful emporia of everything and anything from “luxury-style” ornaments to pan scrubs, whose products are as seductive and tempting as those in the finest art gallery!

Pool Arts take a wry look at how globalised consumer culture impacts on our everyday lives, whilst creating new interpretations of some cut-price “objets trouves”!

The work aims to re-value these anonymous yet ingenious items that have arrived from across the globe and represent hours of human endeavour, exploitation, ecological cost, design, manufacture and trade, only to be snapped up for mere pennies and without a thought in this microcosm of global trade.

Find out more about Pool Arts at or e.mail

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