Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Jude Macpherson

My art practice encompasses both painting and site specific art works. I have created art works for several non gallery venues in the North West including Liverpool John Lennon Airport , Chorlton Ees Nature Reserve, Platt Fields Park , Victoria Baths and as part of Art Transpennine 08, on Flower Scar Hill, Todmorden Moor. This approach to presenting audiences with new work suits my unconventional methodology and use of diverse materials which has included pebbles, fur, latex, and plastic bags.

I have an MA in The Study of Contemporary Art Theory (Liverpool University 1996), and my career path to date has included work with Castlefield Gallery, Chorlton Arts Festival, Hot Bed Press and SMALLpond.

Can’t Draw For Toffee is a spontaneous exchange idea which invites Antifreeze visitors to draw a picture in exchange for a bag of toffees. Can’t Draw For Toffee playfully confronts the oft heard lament that contemporary artists are not trained to be skilled at drawing. Participants will be provided with a range of drawing materials to draw a picture of whatever they like. In a subversion of the usual relationship between artist and audience, the audience becomes the creator and the artist the spectator. All of the drawings will be displayed on the pitch at Antifreeze in an impromptu exhibition.

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