Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Sophie Bower

It is also the stories that we take along with us that interest Sophie Bower; she wants to hear others? stories and to tell her own. This is evident in the piece Back Bittern Banana (in collaboration with Kathryn Pattullo as part of the larger GoSuperlambananas project) where she toyed with the idea of possession by asking Liverpudlians to nominate someone or an organisation to be sent a certificate of ownership of one of the 55 pieces marked out on the Back Bittern Banana. (See http://www.backbitternbanana.com/)

Stories of Memory, her current project, Sophie is looking for the patterns and anomalies in the anecdotes that people bring to the project, rather than scientific explanations. Sophie often works around the idea of the processing of ideas and information. In her current work there is an attempt to slow down the processes in order to catch the almost invisible thoughts and actions that might normally be missed? an attempt to ?see? them in slow motion. Introduction to Stories of Memory: Have you noticed the tiny moments when something, someone or somewhere from your past pops into your head? Was there anything that could have triggered the memory? ? maybe a smell, a sound, a certain song, an object, a word, a shape, a colour, a texture, a physical or emotional feeling? What form do memories take, when they turn into stories? If memories could be created, captured or investigated in a lab, what would the lab itself look like? Come along to the Memory Lab, created as part of the project ?Stories of Memory? and see for yourself. You may get the chance to leave a memory there, or take one away with you.

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