Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Garth Gratrix

I have recently formed a union within my work by using a specific object as the initial starting point for constructing my art installations, therefore much like reality I aim to produce art in a way that responds to circumstance and also projects ambition alongside humility for time and space. This is being achieved through the use of vintage leather (‘Have Art Can Travel’) suitcase that I have gathered from various resources and I then place my art inside these boundaries to be transported and carried.

I like to be a contemporary artist that is inevitably an everyday person, hence why I believe my suitcases filled with ambiguous art rather than clothes and a clean pair of underwear, creates a sense of confusion towards what we expect and perceive within our day-to-day environments.

Fundamentally I show a reality that is staged performed, but truthful.
I would seek to utilize the perimeters of a car park space for ‘antifreeze’ with these suitcases and construct and deconstruct works of art throughout the event. Using objects that have been taken from ‘car boot’ and ‘market’ spaces in Preston and giving them new meaning and narrative. We purchase objects in a way that is dependant on how we identify with persona and project that image to others. We quickly dispose of these attachments to the objects if they no longer mimic our opinions of ourselves. Taking these objects and allowing them to be placed back into a ‘car boot’ and or ‘market’ environment from the perspective of having a new owner such as an artist, provides importance and a hierarchical shift between objects and human beings.

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