Monday, 22 June 2009

Emily Smallwood

Emily Smallwood is an emerging Live Artist and recently completed a Drama and Theatre Arts degree at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Emily offers experiential theatre, experimental performance, and site-sensitive art. Her work frequently rejects the restraints of conventional theatre and instead seeks to deliberately cross culturally accepted boundaries by tapping into contemporary cultural notions of confessionals, therapeutic discussions and other strategies of self-awareness.

Emily has conducted over one-hundred intimate and unique one-to-one performances as part of her project, The Envy Series, to explore the notion of self in relation to the other. In The Envy Series, Emily has performed in various unconventional spaces including a disabled toilet, a theatre green room, a busy bar, and a disused police cell.

In 2008, Emily set-up performance scheme Blue Intervention to research performer-spectator relationships in public spaces and has recently presented work at various venues across the UK including Shunt (London), Southwark Playhouse (London), The Ropewalk (Nottingham) and Coachwerks (Brighton).

Envy for Sale

Take a seat, hold my hands, and question my life… your life… our life.
If you pay, you can hear a secret, but in exchange you must also share a secret of your own.

How much do you value privacy?
Are you willing to lose it?
Are you willing for someone to take it away?
Will you pay for the pleasure?

Envy for Sale explores the apertures in communication and the commercial exchange of information using an instruction-based methodology inspired by Oulipian literature. This project fuses performance with memory, passion with morbidity, privacy with publicity, and questions the value of secrecy…Join me for a journey.

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