Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Contents May Vary

Contents May Vary show collectively as well as individually and also organize large-scale exhibitions inviting other artists to participate. They find new and challenging ways to exhibit with particular focus on site-responsivitey to non-conventional and everyday spaces. Additionally, they run an independent free-of-charge publication with international distribution.We may not be the first artist collective formed in Manchester but in 2009 we are the only one that matters. A legacy has been created since our inception with astounding effects on our peers, tutors and the excess of artists we have created a platform for.

Now CMV is coming into an age of expertise not only in the production of shows but also as veterans of the site specific as we take Manchester as inspiration in our ever evolving and improving ethos.
Our work incorporates visceral splendor within the many disciplines we employ and we choose to place work amidst the everyday, negating the often too prevalent fear of walking into a clinical gallery space. We create immediate connections with the spectator through the syntax of a common environment. CMV puts art under Manchester's dirty, wet shoes.
Our openings and events create a social platform bringing artists and viewers together from across the social spectrum to the best effect witnessed in Manchester. We're self-perpetuating, we're DIY, we're the A team of art, we're an outlaw's horse, we believe our own hype. No one could do what we do as well as we do it.

Contents May Vary are shortlisted for the Best of Manchester 2009 Awards and will be exhibiting at Urbis 24th July - 20th September 2009. The winner will be announced 23rd July 2009.


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