Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Ben Connell

Born in Belfast, Ireland - Ben O' Kid is an artist that aims to discover the "things" in life that can have a sentimental meaning, but without a bit of context this (thing) will seem insignificant.

The context of his art work involves needing: wanting: and having. As the infamous poet J.S.C. once said "If you're not consuming, you're only getting weaker". This is a thought also evident in Ben O' Kid's art. By identifying a home for these "things" he can then understand what its conclusion will be.

In the small picture book, My Grey Hat, Ben O' Kid explains the story of a boy who lost his grey hat and the attempts he made in getting it back. The book was originally hand written with an ink pen, keeping all the mistakes in the story were it was then hand photocopied to be reproduced for exhibition.

Ben O' Kid sees the picture book as an achievement by using art to make a new home for My Grey Hat. But in making art about this, it becomes a new "thing". Meaning the art work concludes itself but that it can also be reproduced again and again. Understanding that this (thing) will not seem to be the same, again.

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