Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Magdalena Natalia Kwiatkowska

My name is Magdalena Natalia Kwiatkowska .I arrived in the UK in 2008
after a had graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
In my works I have always been interested in creating out of things of everydaylife. Beauty of ordinariness and simplicity is often overlooked in day-to-day turmoil. Common activities take up most of our lives and our attention is focused on anything but their good side. I’m fascinatedby "art" fresh baked in the oven, made in workshops or cultivated in the garden. I try to reinvent everyday objects in completely new environment I search for new background for people and things.

Good advice works are presented by different media: installation, object, performance and picture depending on subject's character. My works are made of ordinary and common objects such as flowers, vegetables and everyday things which make up something entirely new when taken out of their original context. I am interested in their effect on each other. I combine them and put objects together although at the first glance they look strange and unnatural. My installations, however, are not made at random and can be decoded with the use of texts extracted from Good Advice books. These advice are supposed to be helpful in everyday life activities like cooking, cleaning or gardening. My installations are made to illustrate the bizarre nature of good advice texts.

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