Monday, 22 June 2009

Adam Renshaw

between me and my self. For this q&a I am Me and I am also playing the part of myself.

Me question: what is the title of your project
Myself Answer: although initially put off by the idea of a fixed title I think ultimately (THE GIFT SHOP) as a title gives me the freedom to research and develop my own ideas without any constraint

Me: in a nutshell how do you intend to use the space. And more importantly what is the proposed end point
Myself: ideally A fully Functioning gift shop that’s blurred the lines between performance reality and installation. I felt it vital to keep a clever balance between actually looking like a gift shop and playing with the memorable and meaning associated with mementos and their attachment to memories’

Me: is there any media or materials you are particularly interested in using
Myself: I think it is important to let the nature of the idea influence the use of the material or media and not be trapped by any limitation. The thought or notion that something could work better maybe as video in relation to a sculpture or vice versa has a valuable effect on it meaning.

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