Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Gwen Jones

A photographer, I am interested in the world that surrounds us. 'Photography describes, defines, intervenes in, makes sense of and changes culture and society' (JD, Meatyard Arts). I photograph The Everyday, the common place - that which often goes unnoticed - but which can reveal so much about the culture and society that surrounds us.
Based in Manchester, England other forthcoming exhibitions include Rencontres D'Arles 2009, France. Past exhibitions include New York, Blackpool, London, Manchester and Leeds.

Live Photographic Portraits.
Any passerby can volunteer to have their portrait taken. In the moment that the subject freezes for the photograph, an image of them is on show to the world - a live exhibition.
The act of photographing in this way explores questions of representation, identity and the self in the realm of the everyday - the subjects will not be primed and prepared for a photo shoot, rather they will simply step in front of the camera as they are. What is the image that we see, is it a 'true' representation of the self?
Furthermore, in the context of the Art Car Boot Fair, the photographer is restrained to the boundary of the parking space, an interesting metaphor for the highly debated issues of surveillance and control, both within the specific field of photography, and general society as a whole. Following the event the live photographs can be viewed and discussed as stills on a blog at

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