Monday, 22 June 2009

Joyce Wan

Although I majored in photography during my time at Sydney College of the Arts, I have always preferred to explore and work with a multitude of different media in my own art practice.

I first learnt to knit about 6 years ago, around the same time I first started at SCA. However, I soon gave that up as I was dissatisfied with simply producing beanies and scarves. Last year, while at a charity shop, I came across a huge bag of knitting needles and yarn, and bought it with the vague intention of using them in some new works. I also learnt to crochet around the same time, and have been incorporating these techniques into some of the newer works that I’ve been producing.

‘Terra Nullius’ attempts to explore the concept of car-boot sales as a sort of limbo for unwanted, unloved objects – a no man’s land where one person’s idea of trash awaits transformation into another person’s ideal treasure.

The pieces in this project will imitate the ephemera and tchotchkes presented for sale in a typical car boot sale stall. I will be setting up a ‘stall’ at the exhibition, with a selection of items for sale. Although the work is made up of a disparate collection of objections, these objects are meant to present a cohesive whole, in the aesthetic of a stall at a car-boot fair. At first glance, the objects presented for ‘sale’ will seem very much like the wrecked, dusty and unloved items often sold at boot fairs all over the country. However, these objects have been trapped in limbo for so long that they have ended up taking on a life of their own. Strange fungal growths sprout from them, threatening to over-run their allocated space and invade neighbouring stores, contaminating other objects with their spores and parasites.

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