Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Liz Murphy

An artist and curator hailing from Leeds but now firmly rooted in Manchester, Liz is Co-Founder and Co-Director of Contents May Vary and has recently become the Coordinator for the Blackpool Museum of Contemporary Art .The (B.M.C.A) is an artist led organization founded by Stuart Edmundson and Magnus Quaife.

Using installation, intervention and performance Liz’s work invites the spectator to create narratives drawn from suggestions laid within the work. By involving the audience in the creative process this then gives them a claim to the works authorship sharing the burden of making. By incorporating objects we are familiar with in the 'everyday' an atmosphere of confidence is created born from familiarity, when dealing with the work.
Now That’s What I did Call Music (Vol 53)

For 10 months between 2002-2003 every week Monday to Thursday (term time only) myself and four other 18 year old girls drove in a red VW polo from the LS25 region of Leeds to York College (campus opposite Big Tesco’s). This journey was undertaken in order to complete a foundation diploma in Art and Design. Shirking the conventional ‘shop-bought’ compilations for a DIY mix tape the original copy of this tape looped everyday throughout every journey within this time period.

The songs on this tape aren’t great, and they positively aren’t cool, there is definitely no Joy Division or Morrissey, there is certainly no Kinks and no Led Zeppelin, we weren’t try hard art students and we all had haircuts that were the same length on both sides. No one at college spoke to us for the first 3 months as they all thought we were ‘common’. I think they couldn’t understand that because of our accents we talked at least one notch louder than everyone else.

After passing said diploma we all chose separate careers, I now do art, the others probably should too because they were better at it than me.

A limited edition of 200 copies of this tape will be on sale at ANTIFREEZE 2009

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