Monday, 22 June 2009

Sophie Rogers

oh i hate these bits! hmmm well I have a studio at the Crescent Arts in Scarborough, which is great if you want to get away from it all, with nice views. It has been an inspiring place to return to. Theres only about 10 artists in the town probably. I studied in Edinburgh, and rather enjoy grand scale hide and seek. I like meeting people, so if you do to then come for a portrait and bring yer flask.

I would like to invite bargain hunters to have their portrait drawn by me, a simple pen on A4 paper drawing which will take place inside my car, and take about 15 minutes. You in turn are invited to draw me. If you don't mind, our conversation will be recorded whilst this is taking place, we can talk about anything from drawing itself to the price of badges… At the end of the drawing exchange you can take the drawing I did of you and I will keep the drawing you do of me. I will make a copy of the drawing I did of you which will be turned into a badge multiple.

The badges will be available to anyone to buy at a constant increase in rate, first badge of a persons portrait is 10p the next 20p next 30p and so on. Every portrait starts this way. Thus older badges may reach £2 whilst a new portrait will be the better bargain. But it depends if you really want the one that’s £2. Every one who has their portrait done gets one badge of their choice. This does not affect the price of the badges (there is no logic in this). I don’t know what I’ll do with the recordings yet. I know some sonic artists, so may initiate some collaboration. The project overall is ongoing, until I get sick of drawing portraits and/or making badges, perhaps by the end of the summer, perhaps in a couple of years time. You will have to barter to take part in the drawing project as one typically does at a car boot sale or a market in many countries. I have started this project where I am presently based in Scarborough. I look forward to meeting you.

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